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About 94117 Zip Code

Zip 94117 is located in the Western Addition Neighborhood of SFO. The architecture of a number of portions of this neighborhood (especially the Fillmore District) happens to be markedly different when compared to the Victorian-esque structures that dominate the view across the Eastern and Central regions of SFO.

Mapping It:

Zip 94117 is located in the Pacific Time zone at 38 degrees latitude (same latitude as Palermo, Italy) and -122 degrees longitude.

Surrounding It:

On the Map, Zip 94117 can easily be marked with its North Boundary as Fulton Street and McAllister Avenue, the West Boundary as Stanyan Street & Kezar Drive, the Eastern Boundary running along Webster Street and South Boundary on Clarendon Avenue.

Zipping Along:

94115, 94102, 94114, 94131, 94122 and 94118

In the Neighborhood:

Alamo Square neighborhood, Buena Vista Park neighborhood, Clarendon Heights neighborhood, Cole Valley neighborhood, Duboce Triangle neighborhood, Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, Hayes Valley neighborhood, Lone Mountain neighborhood, Lower Haight neighborhood, North Panhandle (North of Panhandle) neighborhood, and Parnassus (Ashbury Heights) neighborhood are some of the names you’ll encounter when in Zip 94117.


  • Buena Vista Park

Located in the Buena Vista Heights neighborhood is the Buena Vista Park. This is the oldest official park in San Francisco. The park is on a steep hill that peaks at 575 Feet. The northeast corner staircase features a large peace symbol shaped out of flower plantings. Across the street on the Southern side of the Park lies the architecturally notable 355 Buena Vista East. This building has had its tryst with stardom after starring in the Alfred Hitchcock movie ‘Vertigo’.

  • Tank Hill Park

Tank Hill Park is located very close to the intersection point between Twin Peaks Boulevard and Clayton Street. This Park is best described as ‘circumscribing the hill to the East and the South. The higher side of the Hill happens to be the Southern side, which is where there exists a pathway of steps that lead people to the top of the hill. It is here that visitors can absorb beautiful panoramic views of downtown San Francisco. When at the top of the hill, you will come face to face with a flat-paved area which dates back to the time of the civic waterworks that once used to exist here. The Tank Hill Park is at its fullest-best on the 4th of July. This is when local residents gather here to witness the municipal fireworks in full display.

  • Panhandle Park

The Panhandle Park is the name of another important park located in Zip 94117. The park gets its name from its shape; it looks like it forms a panhandle with the famous Golden Gate Park. This long and narrow park is about three-quarters of a mile long; and has the width of a single block. At the foot of the park stands the William McKinley Monument; and it faces the DMV across Baker Street. In 1904, President Theodore Roosevelt dedicated the monument; and this was right after he’d succeeded McKinley post his tragic assassination in the year 1901. The two paved walking paths in the Park allow for bicycles; while the rest of the Park houses a basketball court, a playground for kids and restrooms.

  • Duboce Park

Duboce Park is the name given to a rather small urban park that gets located in between the Lower Haights and Duboce Triangle neighborhoods of Zip 94117. The park is extremely popular among dog-lovers; who claim that Duboce is nice and green, and unlike the other dusty lots that pose to be dog-friendly off-leash zones. Other than housing an off-leash dog play site, the park houses a fenced children’s play area, and a fenced-in basketball court with multiple rims. The Public Lawn Area is strictly off bounds for pets, and the labyrinth across Scott Street was constructed as a place for contemplation, meditation or relaxation. Another important aspect that makes Duboce important is that this is where San Francisco’s official weather observation site is located.

  • Kezar Stadium

For all those football lovers in 94117, Kezar Stadium is the place to go. Located adjacent to Kezar Pavilion in Golden Gate Park; the Stadium used to be the home of the Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers of the NFL, as well as the San Francisco Dragons of MLL. Even today, the Kezar Stadium hosts a number of recreation and amateur sports leagues. A lot of SFO high school football games also are played here every year; and this includes the local City Championship affectionately dubbed as the ‘Turkey Bowl’.

  • Mount Olympus

While this local Zip 94117 feature gets its name from the highest mountain there is in Greece; it does happen to provide for stunning views of SFO. The 570 feet tall Mount Olympus of SFO is located in the Ashbury Heights neighborhood. During earlier days, Mount Olympus used to be considered as the geographical center of San Francisco city. The top of the mount was home to a rather well-known SF statue which was commissioned by Adolph Sutro. In today’s date and age, however, only the pedestal of the original statue remains; and the once-impeccable view is now obstructed by a number of condominiums and trees.

  • St. Mary’s Medical Center – Rehabilitation Center

The St. Mary’s Medical Center is in charge of the routine checkups of the zip. SMMC happens to be one of the oldest running hospitals in the SFO area. The Sisters of Mercy (an order of Catholic women) were the ones to have begun the hospital; and even today it continues to run as a not-for-profit health care provider. It is perhaps one of the largest of its kind in the whole of California.

Grub Time:

With so many parks to walk, run and all the climbing, would surely work up an appetite.

When in 94117, take a pit stop at some of these places. Rest assured; you’ll get your money’s worth.

  • First Crush Restaurant Wine Bar & Lounge
  • Brandy Ho's Hunan Food
  • Indian Oven Restaurant
  • Hama-Ko Sushi Restaurant
  • Nopa

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